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Absolute Dream

Beautyrest Harmony collection invites you to experience an exciting new world of modern luxury. An ultimate creation full of voluptuousness and an invitation to dream. The ABSOLUTE DREAM mattress with an exclusive a design has two inseparable elements:

  • A comfort mattress available in soft, firm or duo comfort.
  • An support mattress with the latest Simmons®innovation.
Made in France Garantie 7 ans
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  • Enjoy the quality of engineered Simmons® pocket springs
    Creator, inventor and specialist of pocket springs since 1929, Simmons® manufactures and develops its own pocket springs in factory in France.
  • MULTISOFT® technology
    Reinforced support with a softer welcome bring together all the sensation for comfort for a true sleep experience; From the first contact, the welcome layer offers a feeling of softness and weightlessness. Your spine is perfectly supported and your body rests on a gentle cloud.
  • Real cloud of softness for deep muscle relaxation
    The comfort mattress has miniaturized pocket springs combined with a Talalay latex filling, a luxurious natural material. The Talalay latex, soft and ergonomic, dissipates the muscular tensions accumulated throughout the day. The cellular structure of the Talalay latex enhances air circulation and gently supports you. Your bed is ventilated throughout the night, your body is gently wrapped.
  • Tailored comfort
    The welcome part of the mattress is available in either supple, firm or a combination of both in the Duo versio.
  • Deep recovery at an ideal temperature
    Association of noble and natural materials (cashmere, linen, silk) with the thermoregulating properties of Quallofil® by Dacron® wadding.
  • Long-lasting comfort
    The tufting (entirely done by hand) keeps the materials in the perfect position.
  • Smooth ticking for all seasons
    Ticking in visc and cashmere, a smooth combination that regulates temperature variations.


  • Ticking: 25% visco & cashmere – 75% polyester
  • Quallofil® by Dacron wadding(300 gr/m2)
  • Soft comfort foam (30 mm)
  • Alpaca (100 gr/m2) and Cashmere, linen and silk (100 gr/m2)
  • Soft comfort: Natural Latex Talalay (5 cm, 15 ILD)
  • Firm comfort: Natural Latex Talalay (5 cm, 24 ILD)
  • 1140 miniaturized pocket springs, laminated steel frames
  • 18 hand-tufted pads (for size 160×200 cm)
  • Memory foam (20 mm)
  • 1008 pocket springs Multisoft®, laminated steel frames (for size 160×200 cm)
  • Support foam (10 mm)
  • Non-slip Tript’Air® 3D fabric

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