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Feeling Firm Mattress

Simmons offers the Feeling Firm mattress from the Beautyrest Sensory Collection.A collection dedicated to your well-being and conceived in collaboration with the French Federation of Physiotherapists.

Made in France Garantie 7 ans
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  • Height of the mattress:30 cm
  • Made in France
  • Offers an enveloping comfort and firm support
  • No Flip® system eliminates the need to turn your mattress each season
  • The Collection was designed in collaboration with the French Federation of Masseurs and Physiotherapists (FFMKR)
  • Perfect sleeping independence thanks to Sensoft Evolution Ultime pocket springs
  • Elivéa foam limits pressure points while supporting the spine
  • Clean bedding every day: the anti-bacterial and anti-mite properties of the Quallofil® Allerban® filling guarantees perfect hygiene. This temperature-regulating fibre is approved by doctors specialising in allergies, who are members of the Association of Clinical Research into Allergies and Asthma, and reduces the mite population in the filling by 100%.
  • Available entirely in 100% organic cotton certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).


Sensoft Evolution® Firm Suspension
Designed in collaboration with the French Federation of Physiotherapists (FFMKR), Sensoft Evolution® Ultime springs

  • Provide ideal and progressive support and adapt to all morphologies
  • Allow optimal air circulation and maintain linear temperature. Sleeping surface:
  • Aquasens padding (150 gr/m2)
  • Qualofil fibrefill Allerban® (300 gr/m2)
  • Biosens ticking
  • Elivéa® 4 cm, density 43 kg/m3
  • Firm comfort foam 1.7 cm, density 22 kg/m3 Technical side:
  • Tript’Air® ticking, internal network of micro-cushions of air

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