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With the GENERATION UP mattress, your sleep is imbued with serenity and comfort. Through this new mattress, the brand affirms its desire to position sustainable development at the heart of its concerns.

Made in France Garantie 5 ans
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  • Height of the mattress: 26 cm
  • Equipped with Sensoft REvolution® technology, whatever your morphology, our springs ensure optimal sleeping independence, so that your movements do not wake up your partner.
  • Filled with Aerelle Blue® wadding, fibers made from recycled plastics taken from the oceans, you experience exceptional, healthy and lasting comfort.
  • The addition of linen, natural fibers brings you a microclimate of well-being.
  • 100% French production in our factory in Saint-Amand-Les-Eaux in the Hauts de France.
  • Fabric woven from recycled Ecolife® yarns, neutral for the skin and the environment. Reduced CO2 by 34%, energy consumption by 38% and water consumption by 67%.


  • Fabric covering, 90% recycled cotton and 10% recycled polyester – Ecolife® * Aerelle Blue® wadding, 300 gr/m2
  • Complex of recycled polyester fibers 700 gr/m2
  • Recycled wadding 350 gr/m2
  • Linen, 100% natural 200 gr/m2
  • Suspension 820 Sensoft REvolution pocket springs (bedding 160×200) from recycled steel
  • Lying surface filled with 350 gr/m2 recycled wadding and covered with 90% recycled cotton and 10% recycled polyester fabric – Ecolife®

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